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Oia Panorama
19 November 2008

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13 August 2008

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Big Crow Lullaby
16 May 2007

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Mural of Prehistory
6 October 2006

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9 August 2006

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29 July 2006

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5 June 2006

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Bush Plane
21 May 2006

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Creek Surrealism II
30 March 2006

Recent Comments

Katalog Stron on Margaree
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Tanya on Margaree
Wow. The landscape pictures are absolutely stunning. You have talent for capturing light at just the right moment. A ...

Lic on Flowers and Ferns
Those look kinda like forget-me-not flowers.. wonder if they are? Great shot :)

Garfield on Margaree
Awesome. Sharp, deep, well balanced -well done

Magda on Hopper
Splendid!! Love the POV. Wonderful detail

Dawn on Hopper
What a capture. Great macro shot!! : )

Mags on Hopper
I'd like to say hi to Jiminy :)

Elena Kotrotsou on Birches
Great shot

Dawn on Spiders Nest
Great DOF and selective focus!

flyingwind风飞扬 on Spiders Nest
Bright picture and lively creature!

Sarah on Spiders Nest
Wow - beautifully captured!

Zahai on Spiders Nest
cool :)

Dimitrios on Spiders Nest
a fine difficult shot

Magda on Frog
Excellent capture! Funny! (would be perfect for Silly Tuesday!) ;)

Ana Lúcia on Frog
Hello! :) Nice frog.

Michael Skorulski on Lot
A fine colorful image. I've been through Barrie a number of times heading up north.

Philip on Oia Panorama
Fantastic Pano shot ! from a great angle love that wide open space !

peter on Oia Point
btw this one belongs in your portfolio. really stunning shot : )

peter on Oia Point
beautiful capture of a beautiful island. nicely done

Batkoï on Oia Point
i love this view, and the light

Kathryn on Oia Point
wow an amazing place by the looks of it! it doesn't look real!

peter on Santorini Harbour
love it! makes me want to go back there!

peter on Pyrgos
poli kala! very nice shot : )

Rachael on Watercolor
Fantastic capture! An artist at work. Nothing could be more perfect.

Kathryn on Red Beach - Where to Door
wow that looks weird! where is it? great composition!

Philip on Santorini Dinner
Great vantage point and a excellent night shot GREAT!

Paco Díaz on Santorini Caldera
Well done, I like this perspective, in the early morning?

toni on Column Remains
Congratulations on your photos, I found beautiful catch and good colors. good job.

Veronelle on Timberwolf Sky
woua super sky

Brittney on Timberwolf Sky
Is this in Canada? That is just so beautiful. Absolutely love the color of the water along with the sky...simply ...

Scarabaeus on Timberwolf Sky
Great contrast, lovely sky.

Maramy on Timberwolf Sky
What an awesome image just beautiful

Ian on Grace Lake Sunset
Love the silhouettes & colour in this - Fantastic image!

Angelique on Grace Lake Sunset
Beautiful dark dramatic clouds!

April on Turbo cute...i wanna hug him too!!!

Morgane on Turbo
lovely picture

SAM on Turbo
AAAARRRRRRWWWWWWW what a fluffy teddy bear

DarkElf on Glacier Point
nice panoramic photo! great point of view!

don on Glacier Point
A fine panorama with the wall to tie the picture together nicely. A very appealing shot. Added this to my collection ...

Ian on Glacier Point
Really nice image - Love that view.

Kylie Greenan on Fallsbrook II
A beatiful time exposure, the water is so milky, lovely tones in this image, and great composition, well done.

dj.tigersprout on Fallsbrook II
just gorgeous... wonderful shot here! brilliant detail and focus!

Lotte on Fallsbrook II
Very good long exposure picture.

Ana Lúcia on Fallsbrook II
Wonderful long exposure!

Laurent on Fallsbrook II
lovely long exposure. well composed and with a lovely mood

DarkElf on Fallsbrook
this is a stunning waterfall shot! i love the darker rich greens around the water and the fall effect is just right... ...

Kent on Fallsbrook II
Beautiful. A waterfall with a long time tend to be beautiful. Good picture

Magda on Amphibian Sky

Magda on Waterclear Sunset

Magda on The Grasp of Fall
ohhh I love it!

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